Turning Heartbreak into Success: The Importance of Pre-Sale Septic Inspections

A cautionary tale on why having all the facts ahead of time, and finding the perfect buyer, is imperative to your successful sale.

Making the decision to sell your property can be a difficult one, as was the case for my waterfront seller client at 8 Tide Lane, a waterfront home with dock on Parker’s River. The family had previously gathered there for many summers, creating a lifetime of memories, and it was not easy to let go of this special place. I suggested to my client to have a voluntary septic inspection, a test conducted just for the homeowner, where the results are not reported to the Town. The septic failed. A new, RAISED system would need to be installed. Mounded septic systems are considerably more expensive than conventional ones because they require a more sophisticated design, and the estimate was between $40,000 – $50,000.

My client was heartbroken. Now what?

8 Tide Lane, South Yarmouth

If you are wondering how the story ended for our client, it was a success for all. We brought a buyer who was thrilled to purchase the property, and inherit the cost and process associated with installing the new septic system. Being aware of this issue ahead of time prevented unwanted surprises further into the transaction such as renegotiating the price, delaying the closing, or it falling apart.

This home went pending in 6 days, closed in 3.5 weeks, and the seller made more money than she expected. 8 Tide Lane holds the 2020 record for the second highest sale on Parker’s River.

8 Tide Lane, South Yarmouth

Experience plays an important role when trying to locate the perfect buyer, especially in circumstances like this. At Property Cape Cod, our client’s goals become our priority, and we have built our business on referrals, as was the case here – our seller was referred to us from another past client. These days it’s not a big deal to say we sold a home fast. Currently, all homes are selling quickly. However, our philosophy of knowing the facts ahead of time, allowed us to position the property for a positive outcome.

The best advice I can give to you is to have your septic system inspected first. When it comes to selling your property, having all the facts – and a plan in place – is crucial to achieving a successful outcome.

We invite you to call, email, or visit us online to learn more about we market property differently to help more clients achieve their desired results. I am always happy to answer any questions and guide you in the right direction.

Owning a waterfront property on Cape Cod can be a dream come true, but when one knows what to expect, the journey to buying, owning or selling can be smooth sailing.

-Tia Lilly, Founder, Broker/Owner