Do I Really Need a Buyer’s Agent?

And here’s 8 important reasons why:

If you’re looking to buy a home on Cape Cod, it’s essential to have a Buyer’s Agent who’s completely dedicated to your needs.
An exclusive Buyer’s Agent is someone who only works for buyers, never for sellers. It’s important to understand that seller’s agents, also known as listing agents, primarily represent the seller’s interests in a property transaction (unless a dual agency* relationship is established). Although seller’s agents may appear courteous and helpful, it is highly advisable for buyers to have their own agent who will fiercely advocate for their needs. This means you can trust that their loyalty is 100 percent with you, always looking out for your best interests. In contrast, when real estate agents represent both the Buyer and the Seller in the same transaction, (called Dual Agency*) conflicts can arise, potentially jeopardizing your interests. So, demand nothing less than 100% loyalty from your Buyer’s Agent to ensure you’re getting the personalized attention and advocacy you deserve.

*Read more about Dual Agency here.

Due Diligence – what does this mean?
Your Property Cape Cod Buyer’s agent will take the time to understand what is important to you in a home, a property’s setting and  location. Also, an important factor to take into consideration is your goal for the future of the home. Granted things change, but what is your plan for now?  Is it your intention to hold onto the home for a long time? Or enjoy it as an interim home? Is the home a rental investment to generate income?

Waterfront purchases are much more complex and have other considerations, so we recommend registering for a copy of our Living on the Water’s Edge Guide by clicking here.

These factors should be weighed into your decision of what homes to consider purchasing. Knowing everything upfront helps you avoid unnecessary surprises and plan for any future work on the property. Having knowledge is key to making smart decisions.

Do you understand the new Septic law and what to take into consideration? Is the property you want to buy located in a nitrogen sensitive area?
Septic systems can be a bit confusing, especially with a new law that was passed on July 7, 2023, for homes in Nitrogen Sensitive Areas (NSA) on Cape Cod. Homes in these areas are supposed to eventually replace their septic systems with Innovative Alternative (IA) Systems to protect the both environment and the waters here on the Cape. We need clean water and having clean water impacts your investment.

Many septic systems are failing on the Cape. How does this affect buyers?
Whether you can still purchase a property with a failing system depends on the situation. Your Property Cape Cod Buyer ‘s Agent can assist you with this when you’re searching for the right property.

What if a septic system fails on a property I am interested in buying, and the seller can’t or won’t upgrade it?
It’s still possible to buy the property, but it varies. Does the seller have engineering plans approved by the property’s town? Without these plans, you can’t get bids to estimate the cost. However, with approved plans (which can take months to secure), you can seek bids. Some banks might allow you to purchase the property and install the new system after the purchase, as long as they have bids to determine the cost. So, it’s possible to get financing for a property with a failed septic system if you desire.

For most of us, the biggest purchase we’ll ever make is a home.
For the majority of us, purchasing a home is not only a significant financial investment but also a deeply personal and emotional endeavor. It’s a place where we plan to build our lives, create memories, and potentially raise our families. Given the gravity of this decision, it’s often compared to other significant life events, such as getting married, moving, changing jobs, and so on. You should have guidance representation to navigate this complex transaction – it’s a big purchase! Protect your interests!

Professionals are supposed to bring you value that is why we hire them.
It is no different with purchasing Real Estate.  It is a long process – typically anywhere from 45 to 60 days – although it can be much shorter or longer depending on the circumstance.

Isn’t it crucial to have a trusted guide by your side as you navigate the complex process leading to the final home purchase?
Our track record speaks for itself, with numerous instances of negotiating under list price and successfully securing homes in competitive bidding situations. Remember, it’s not just about one piece of the puzzle; it’s about considering the whole picture. No matter the circumstances, having a knowledgeable and experienced agent who understands the local market can make all the difference in getting you what you want.

Do you know the nuances of the particular town and/or village in which you are purchasing? Do you want to avoid potential setbacks and legal issues when buying a property on Cape Cod? Regulations can differ from town to town, and even within villages, so it’s crucial to understand your priorities and what’s allowable and feasible before proceeding with a purchase.

Thinking of adding a garage?
For instance, if adding a garage is important to you, be aware that it is common for setbacks to not always meet town requirements. In some cases, you might need a variance, essentially an exception. However, this involves paperwork, town approval, and possibly neighbor approval, and it’s not guaranteed. While you can’t be certain, consulting with the right people may provide some guidance.

What are some considerations with properties near the water?
When it comes to properties near water, there are even more considerations, so register for a copy of our Living on the Water’s Edge Guide by clicking here, or contact us directly for details. There’s also plenty of conservation land without water that also has other restrictions.

Local, expert knowledge is key to a smooth transaction.
Keep in mind that misinformation and communication breakdowns can lead to disappointment. Cape Cod has strict regulations in place to preserve its natural beauty, and a Property Cape Cod Buyer’s Agent with local expert knowledge and connections, can help you navigate these complexities. Knowing what you can’t do before a significant purchase is essential.

Do you have connections to expert local professionals, vendors, contractors and trade professionals?
This is especially valuable on Cape Cod – where there is a shortage of professionals. You’ll want access to not only the “good ones” but professionals willing to take on any job, regardless of its nature, becomes incredibly valuable. We are constantly working to build and maintain relationships with trades and professionals such as: home inspectors, attorneys, mortgage lenders, insurance agents, contractors, handymen and women, cleaners, landscapers, septic installers, engineers, HVAC professionals, painters, appliance maintenance, electricians, movers, junk removal and more. The connections we’ve built, more often than not, save our buyers money all while getting them access to top professionals in the timeliest manner possible.

7. We offer advice on the best solutions to any issues that arise during the sales process – and long after.
Property Cape Cod Buyer’s Agents are solution trained. We are here to help and troubleshoot anything that comes up and work for you in your best interest. Everyone is different in regards to what is important to them. While we always plan for the unexpected, we’re known for solving the seemingly insolvable.

For example, you love the house and really want this home, but we learn the septic system failed. What does this mean for the progression of the sale? The disturbance to the yard? Can you still purchase the home? Our advice will be different depending on you and your situation. Yes, there are always solutions and we will help.

8. In summary, an expert Buyer’s Agent is prudent and essential to protect your interests.
So, when considering the magnitude of purchasing a home, it becomes evident that having professional representation in the form of a real estate agent is not only prudent but essential. We help you navigate the steps, complexities, avoid potential pitfalls, so you’ll know what to expect at each stage of the process, ensuring you make the most informed and advantageous decisions regarding this substantial investment in your future.

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