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One of the biggest questions brokers and realtors are asked is: “ How is the market?” This question is asked often once a person learns you work in real estate. And, it is a great question as the market changes. Sometimes it can be years before changes are evident, but shifts and changes always occur and the market never stays the same.

“Is it a seller’s market or a buyer’s market?” This is another great question, and the advice we give our buyer clients will also change depending if the market favors buyers or sellers based on market supply and demand. An additional consideration when it comes to Cape Cod is the home’s location and what your ultimate goal is. For example, are you looking for a year-round neighborhood, or a home close to the water? Essentially Cape Cod has two different markets, and while sometimes they are in sync, many times they are affected differently as the market moves through shifts and changes. This is why extensive local knowledge can be such an advantage. The benefits of local knowledge cannot be substituted with big search engines and their algorithms when determining market value.

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We have agents who specialize in certain niches of real estate, such as First Time Homebuyers, Downsizing, Sellers over the age of 50, Purchasing and Selling your home at the same time, New Construction, Water and Luxury Property, Land Acquisition and certain locales of Cape Cod. To learn more about which one of our agents best matches your needs, click below.

Buyer’s Agents Who Adapt

Our market here on Cape Cod is quite unique. Because we are on a peninsula surrounded by water, the impact on home prices is dramatic. Our extensive local knowledge often proves invaluable throughout the buying process.

An experienced, knowledgeable buyer’s agent should quickly adapt to these market changes, all while taking their client’s situation into consideration. What do we mean by situation? We all have differing circumstances and reasons for how we approach making decisions and what is important to us. Each offer brings a different set of circumstances, a different house, sellers, listing agent. Our overall process is to assess each situation and advise you accordingly based on your criteria of what is important, and the current market situation, and ultimately give you the best path that will successfully lead you to a positive outcome. And then, in the end, you decide what is right for you.

It is important to look for a buyer’s agent that is knowledgeable about that property’s specific location and can offer their insight and thoughts with respect to the current market. You ultimately make the decision, but our team is groomed to offer advice and the best solutions to obstacles, not just be messengers passing along information between parties in a transaction. And while there are many great agents from which to choose, we always recommend that you look for an agent that has your best interest at heart and offers “good” advice overall, and of course one that always adapts to the current market.

Certain sectors of the Cape Cod property market in which we specialize.

Local Cape Cod Experts

Water Property

Working with water properties is a specialty and we have a team here at Property Cape Cod devoted exclusively to our Water and Luxury brand.

Why should you work with a Realtor who specializes in Cape Cod Waterfront homes? Experience can prove valuable whether purchasing or selling water properties, because there are a number of unique variables that need to be considered throughout the transaction, such as the property’s characteristics, circumstances, septic, setting, and local conservation requirements.

Here are some questions to consider: Are there any outstanding orders of conditions? What are they for? Are there any order of conditions that need to be maintained in the future? What I am allowed or not allowed to do? How do I go about getting approval? What is involved? How long will it take? Is the dock licensed? If so, for how long? Can I add a dock? There is so much more to these properties than a traditional sale.

Whether considering a Cape Cod waterfront home for sale near wetlands, on the water, or near the water, each of the 15 towns on Cape Cod has their own rules and protocols that require local conservation, and sometimes state approval. The simplest of things, such as cutting down trees, trimming and planting, require conservation approval.

Before buying a water property, it can prove beneficial having an agent familiar with these rules and protocols ahead of time to avoid any surprises, disappointments, or misunderstandings later on.

Whether purchasing or selling a water property, our Water and Luxury team conducts considerable due diligence ahead of time, so that you will be prepared on how to proceed to achieve the best outcome overall.

Luxury Property

Water and Luxury property do not always go hand-in-hand.

The finishes, quality of materials, special features, moldings, and attention to the finer details are important aspects of a Cape Cod Luxury home that sometimes can go unnoticed. We find the smallest details can have the greatest impact. Then there are the luxurious comforts and special features that sets the property apart from the others. Our team is very familiar with these features, which allows us to easily demonstrate these unique and special features to prospective buyers. Granted we know these features well for any property we list, where we have the direct knowledge from our client or the builder. When representing a buyer client, this type of knowledge is helpful when looking at a variety of homes with different builders, and perhaps homeowners. Our extensive prior experience with luxury property, and our unique access to additional luxury resources, has proven most helpful when helping you find and buy a luxury home.

We spend the time to get to know all aspects of the Cape Cod luxury homes for sale on our website so we can accurately demonstrate the property’s unique and special features to you. If you are looking for that perfect Cape Cod house for you and yours, contact us today.

Investment Property

I am looking for an investment property.” This is said to us often. But this means different scenarios to different buyers. So the first step is to understand your goal with this investment. Are you looking for a property that you can purchase, renovate, and sell? We can help with that. Are you looking for a property in which to invest, enjoy, build equity, and never rent? A property to hold onto for generations to come? We can help. Are you looking for a property that you can purchase, enjoy some weeks, and rent the rest of the time? Or are you looking for a property to purchase solely for rental income purposes? We can help with either of those scenarios, too, and manage the rental for you.

The purchase of a property, regardless of the goal, it is in fact an investment. However, your goal will determine how we advise you.

For example, our clientele is growing for those who love Cape Cod and want to purchase here, but they live far away and cannot oversee their property and the projects and improvements they would want to make to customize the home. In fact, in the past, this has held them back from purchasing. In recent years, this has become a large part of our business, and we love love it! We can help you purchase the right home, and then we manage all of the projects for you from start to completion.

We have been fortunate, honored, and grateful to assist many buyer clients in such a way as to eliminate their burden of homeownership, as we take care of all of the homeowner responsibilities overseeing the property. For example, the picture of the home above is an example of a property where we have hired the contractors, coordinating all the details for the improvements, managed the rental of the property, and handled the alarm systems, and more, since we started our brokerage in 2016. We also have a dedicated interior designer on our team, exclusive to us, who plays a huge role in the overall process of staging and readying the property for marketing before going to booking – yet another service that sets us apart.

Should you want to purchase an investment property, but oversee your own work, that is encouraged as well. We are here if you need us! However, before heading out and looking at properties, the first step is to understand your goal, so that we can give you the best advice for your circumstance. Let’s chat about your goals – schedule a phone appointment, or come by our office, or if you want to chat via email, we can do that as well.

New Construction

When purchasing a new construction home, there is peace of mind, from a maintenance standpoint. There should be no upcoming worries or expenses, as everything is brand new – which is exciting! And yes, typically that is the situation, but nonetheless it is important to conduct due diligence when purchasing a new construction home. In order to get a Certificate of Occupancy, the inspectors for the town need to approve and sign off on the work performed when the home was built. It is a good idea to have a copy of this approval paperwork from each department, along with the Certificate of Occupancy, which can be found in the files at the respective departments at the town. A good buyer’s agent will pull all this information for you. This also gives you insight as to which company installed the electrical, HVAC, plumbing, drywall, insulation, foundation, and more.

Another item to consider: Is there a Builder’s Warranty? For how long? Should you conduct a home inspection of the property? It would be good to know the answers to all these questions. Your buyer’s agent can advise the best course of action, given the circumstances, as each situation and seller/builder are different as to how they think and handle their new construction builds. Is the property in a Conservation zone? What does that mean? What is allowed? What are the restrictions? Is flood insurance required?

You will want a buyer’s agent who does their own due diligence on your behalf, and who does not rely on third party information. This is often where communication breaks down, and what you thought to be the case, versus what actually is, can be two totally different matters – even though new construction seems more straight forward than buying a home that was previously lived-in. This is one of the many reasons why having an agent familiar with new construction homes can prove helpful.


From condos with ocean vistas in famous Popponesset Village to the calm, tranquil living on Horse Pond in West Yarmouth, to oceanside living in a premier Hyannis location, we have a team of experienced agents ready to assist you in finding your perfect Cape Cod condominium. Since 2016, we have represented buyers in purchasing over $7.5 million in condominium properties.


Who best to advise and assist in this area, but an agent on our team who is a former marine himself – Chris Lilly. Understanding and maneuvering the paperwork and government requirements can prove to be essential. As Chris closes in on graduating from UMASS Boston, he has joined our brokerage full time. Another important factor to have in a buyer’s agent is having one where this is their full time job, and who is available to help every step of the way – and even after you purchase your home. Chris recently helped a buyer client with a VA loan, and will continue to assist them with items after the sale.

Born and raised on Cape Cod, he has a great deal of knowledge about the Cape. Additionally, having purchased his own home with a VA loan, he has experienced the process personally and this makes him an excellent choice to represent you on your purchase of your home with a VA loan. He is loyal, honorable, and cares a great deal about his clients.

When it comes to buying a home on Cape Cod, Chris’s goal is to make everything as easy and exciting as possible for you, as buying a house can be fun! And Chris believes there is no reason this should equate to a negative experience for anyone. And because he holds himself to these high standards, he is able to ensure that everyone who asks Property Cape Cod Real Estate for help, gets the absolute best this profession has to offer.”

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