About Cape Cod

About Cape Cod

Cape Cod is comprised of 15 Towns that all fall into the county of Barnstable. The beaches are amazing; with over 100 beaches to choose from, each brings its own unique beautiful setting. There are many golf courses in every town, and golf communities designed specifically for golfers. It is a true paradise on Cape Cod with the fresh salty air, colorful sunsets, blue ocean waters for vacationers and locals to enjoy many fun activities.

All 15 towns are wonderful and unique in their own way. The ocean waters are very different depending on which town you are in or “what side of the Cape” you are on – North or South. For example, the North side of the Cape is where famous Route 6A runs from the Sagamore Bridge to the lower part of the Cape. This is what we refer to as the “bay side”. Then there is the South side of the Cape where Route 28 crosses towns, working its way from the bridges through to the lower Cape towns. This is what we refer to as the “ocean side”. One side may be more appealing depending on what you like to do, and if you prefer a quieter setting or more active setting. The North side (6A) is quieter and more serene, with lots of unique antique shops residing along this beautiful road.. The South side (28) is more commercialized with many retail shops, restaurants, mini golf courses, and all kinds of fun things to partake in.

The Cape is divided into four geographical locations: Upper Cape which is close to bridges; Mid Cape; Lower Cape; and Outer Cape. As you explore our PropetyCapeCod.com site it will break down the 15 towns, the villages within each town, along with which part of the geographical location each town falls into – Upper, Mid, Lower, Outer. It has been described by some as an arm, if you look at a map of the Cape it is in the shape of a arm. The upper cape is the top part of the arm, mid is just above the elbow, lower is elbow and below, and down toward the hand is the outer Cape. It is a clever way to visualize the Cape and its geographical areas.

We’re happy to help anytime with the various Cape locations, as it can be challenging to get a feel for the settings and areas looking on-line. The more you can share about your interests and what you like in a setting the easier it will be to help you find the homes and locations that would most interest you. For example, is boating a part of your life. What type of boat; sail, motor; kayak, and size of boat all play into what would work best for you in regards to the Cape waters. The more details you provide the easier it is to help guide you as to what to look for when searching on line. We are also happy to search for you and send ideas that match your specific criteria, as we know the locations and homes very well. We look forward to assisting you in any way we can, and hope you choose our site as your favorite to look at Cape Cod Real Estate.

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