Think Bigger Real Estate Podcast

“Building a Client Consistent Brand”
Airdate: September 11, 2023

In this episode, Tia Lilly sits down with host Justin Stoddart of Think Bigger Real Estate to discuss how your brand can attract your ideal client and teammates.

What is a brand: “A brand is the identity and story of a provider that makes it stand out from competitors that offer similar services. Branding aims to earn space in the target audience’s minds and become their preferred option for doing business.”

My question to you, and the questions that we’re going to answer on today’s podcast include: -Is your brand attracting the type of clientele that you would consider ideal? -If YES, how do you get your brand in front of more potential teammates and clients so that your business and life are filled with your ideal clients?

-If NO, what needs to change? In this episode, we welcome Tia Lilly, the Founder/Broker Owner of Property Cape Cod Real Estate to discuss this important topic.

Justin Stoddart is the CEO of – Elevating the influence of service-based professionals through the creation of a Wealth Advisory Team™.

Podcast Host: Justin Stoddart,
Think Bigger Real Estate

About Justin Stoddart:

Justin Stoddart is a former luxury home builder and land developer and has always had a keen eye for business opportunities. He quickly rose to become a Top 1% Title Industry Producer, proving his ability to help his clients achieve remarkable results. Justin has also authored an international best-selling book, “The Upstream Model,” which has helped countless relationship-based readers leverage his strategies for explosive business growth. As the host of “Think Bigger Real Estate,” a top 1% podcast, Justin shares his insights and connects with other industry leaders to offer listeners a unique perspective into the world of real estate. Justin’s personal life is a tribute to his biggest priorities–family. He is a devoted husband to his superhero wife and father to six amazing humans. Justin Stoddart is a true inspiration and a valuable asset to anyone seeking to grow their business and improve their life. 


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