Andrew & Jenny T.

Dawn helped us find a new home and did so with great energy, support and empathy while knowing what was important to us and fighting for those things. Since we live out of state, we relied on Dawn to help find properties and when she did, advise us as to the what to do about each of them and if we wanted to go forward what to negotiate in order to create a fair deal. Once the deal was agreed, Dawn was instrumental in keeping things moving, working through details and some issues that came up. In all cases, Dawn was able to advise us well, work with the seller and ultimately work through everything. With all of us in different locations (buyers and sellers), it was no easy feat. Dawn was able to keep us up to date, push the right people and land the closing. We could not have found the property we bought or closed when we did without Dawn’s help. She is the consummate professional, always available, even keeled and able to work through all sorts of challenges while understanding us and the sellers. I highly recommend Dawn for anyone looking to buy or sell property in the South Shore area!