Beth & Troy S.

Hard to believe, but Beth and I don’t usually attached ourselves with people we first meet. We’re observers of the heart, and often that takes time to discern. But your heart was easy to read. You wear it on your sleeve, and we are grateful you shared it with us. I remember the first time Beth met you and her reaction when she came home from that meeting. ‘We have to work with Tia,’ was all she said. And I never even considered second guessing Beth’s opinion. Because it’s always right. (Wasn’t that the good husband thing to say right there?)

Our Tia Rose (we’ve named it that!) was the first thing we planted in our front garden, and it is doing well and thriving – it truly represents our friendship with you and we’ll care for it in the same manner. As we continue to clean and settle, cut and trim, we are always thinking of you… keep your calendar free for us end of summer when things slow down. We must have you over for an afternoon tea.

You are the salt of the earth, Tia. It is we are the fortunate ones to have met you. And we hope you never forget that. With great love and appreciation.