Tia Lilly Real Estate represents what a great real estate firm should be all about which is excellent Service, Expertise, and then on top of that some TLC! I used Tia Lilly as an agent in buying our vacation home on the Cape and then hired her agency to manage my property and summer rentals. I have lots of gray hair as I have bought and sold property in various states and overseas so I know an exceptional real estate firm when I experience it, and Tia Lilly Real Estate is truly exceptional real estate firm.

Michael K. BlockChairman | BASIS Educational Ventures

Thank you Tia for making our house purchase such a pleasant experience. From the first time we spoke on the phone, you understood what we were looking for and my time constraints. I appreciated the fact that you always checked the houses before we went to look and when we found the perfect house, you were there to make sure everything was done on time with minimal inconvenience. To be sure, it was not an easy closing, since we had to deal with an estate settlement two days before the closing. Once again, you stepped up to the plate and talked me off the ledge when I was ready to jump! Your professionalism, knowledge and willingness to go out of your way, makes you one of a kind. Much continued success on your career and it will be my pleasure to recommend you to anyone who can use your services.

Octavia Serpa

Our experience with Tia was fantastic. My wife and I stumbled upon Tia in our search for a realty service that just made more sense with our approach to home buying. Skeptical at first, and being first-time home buyers, reading the abundance of testimonials from past clients convinced us to give Tia a shot. Tia was incredibly helpful, and the overall quality of service was above and beyond what we expected.

Being novices in the real estate market, we really benefited from her acumen in deciding on the right house and the right offer amount. Tia worked with us on the house we ended up buying and she really made the whole process very smooth for us and ensured we closed on time! Her communication skills and knowledge were just extraordinary.

We very much appreciated the work she has done for us and I will gladly recommend her to anyone I know looking for a house. Thanks again for everything!

Yara and Ehab

When we decided to look for a home in Osterville, we were referred to Tia by a neighbor of Heather’s mother who lives in town.

The word was that Tia was an “expert” on properties in that area. That proved to be both correct, and an understatement of what she brings to the table.

Tia’s approach was exactly what was needed during our search. Not only is she knowledgeable as to various areas, but also certain local customs and legal requirements.

She quickly established herself as a member of our “team.” Working seamlessly with Sofia, they proved to be responsive and available to answer questions or address needs and concerns at any time.

Moreover, Tia has proven to be a much needed resource when seeking recommendations as to contractors post-closing.

Heather Hunt and David Bogan

Hi Tia,

Thanks for the email. I had a good year, as my job and my general health is good. My mother is now in a nursing home (Alzheimer’s), and she is very forgetful and tired a lot. I used to bring mother down to the cottage quite a bit, but I can’t anymore.

I still remember the great service and help you gave me in finding and buying my cottage. It’s been 4 years since I bought the cottage, and it was one of the best decisions

I’ve made. I just love the location and atmosphere of my place, and I wouldn’t change anything. I probably won’t be buying any more property in the near future, so I don’t know if you still want to send me the market snapshots.

Tia, I would definitely like to keep in touch, and sometime in the future I just might be able to buy some more property. I am not a long time away from retirement (7-10 years), and I just may be in the market again to purchase some real estate.

Again, thank you for remembering me,

Steve Lenkowski

Tia –

Hard to believe, but Beth and I don’t usually attached ourselves with people we first meet. We’re observers of the heart, and often that takes time to discern.  But your heart was easy to read. You wear it on your sleeve, and we are grateful you shared it with us.  I remember the first time Beth met you and her reaction when she came home from that meeting.  “We have to work with Tia, was all she said. And I never even considered second guessing Beth’s opinion.  Because it’s always right.  (Wasn’t that the good husband thing to say right there?)

Our Tia Rose (we’ve named it that!) was the first thing we planted in our front garden, and it is doing well and thriving – it truly represents our friendship with you and we’ll care for it in the same manner.  As we continue to clean and settle, cut and trim, we are always thinking of you… keep your calendar free for us end of summer when things slow down.  We must have you over for an afternoon tea.

You are the salt of the earth, Tia.  It is we are the fortunate ones to have met you. And we hope you never forget that.

With great love and appreciation,

The Smith Family

Hi Tia,

I just wanted to drop you a note of thanks. I’m winding up my first summer at the house, its been a great year! I want you to know, I feel that you couldn’t have put me in a better place, I love the house, the location is perfect for me, that’s where your knowledge and experience shine. The one small problem I had was resolved easily but only because of your extra effort, if you remember, you made sure the service guy got in touch w/me as I couldn’t get through to him. He also turned out to be very fair and a good guy, so thanks for that contact. That all happened six months after the closing and you were on top of that. I do have to let you know that I do have just one compliant, the summer went by way too fast and it’s all your fault! I bet you’ll try to resolve that too!

Thanks again for a great business experience, I wouldn’t hesitate to work with you again. I’ve also recommended you to several people, I know you’ll take a great care of them!


Bob Luchette

A couple of years ago, my wife and I decided that we wanted to someday purchase a home on the Cape. We didn’t exactly know when this would happen, however we visit at least a few times a year traveling from Denver. We had a lot of work to do. As anxious people we started looking on line for homes for sale. We were not ready. One home must have got our attention, and we made an inquiry. This is when we met Tia Lilly.

What a find. Tia listened to us, as we explained what our plans for the future were. Boy, did she ever listen. We asked questions, she listened, we wanted information, she got it. We questioned ourselves, our we driving her crazy? Tia insisted not. Instead we became friends that enjoyed each others company. As time passed, we did what as needed to move forward. Earlier this year we found a house that would work for us. Tia made it happen. She not only made it happen, she made it so easy for us to close on the home. Now that we own the home, Tia is still making it happen or us. Living n Colorado, it is difficult to deal with everyday details of being a homeowner, Tia is still making it happen for us. If anyone looking to buy or sell a home, is looking for an agent, (friend) look to Tia.


Rob and Susan Lederman - Denver and now Centerville

When my husband and I decided to sell our home in Centerville, a co-worker of his recommended Tia. I believe she helped his daughter buy a new home. From the first day Tia, was absolutely wonderful. She was always in constant contact with us, always available when we had questions and if she wasn’t available immediately she would always get back to us quickly. Tia knows the Cape extremely well.

It is stressful selling a home and buying a home but having someone like Tia took that stress away. As happy as I was when our home sold and we bought another home, I was a little
sad that I probably wouldn’t be talking to Tia anymore. That didn’t happen, we have developed a great friendship. Not only did we buy and sell we now have a great friend. I would highly recommend her if you are either buying or selling a homed, or if you are d doing both. You will not find a better real estate agent.

Nancy & Jamie Booth

I have given Tia Lilly the highest rating for all categories of professional skills to fully express my complete satisfaction with her assistance through the buying process, Not only did she assist in negotiation and sales arrangements with the seller, but also provided valuable contacts and facilitated home inspection and evaluation, property insurance and closing arrangements. This agent was willing to personally trudge through the snow of February 2015 to take photographs on site when we were unable to do this ourselves.

Gary Wells and Terry Tiringer

Having purchased many homes in my life, I have learned that without the “right” real estate agent to look after your best interests, the process can be very stressful and difficult. Tia is an amazing agent. Her attention to detail and her ability to listen puts her at the top of all the real estate agents I have ever dealt with. We contacted her, explained to her what we were looking for and she went to work to find us the perfect home. She is extremely conscientious and detail oriented and did not stop working for us until every detail was taken care of right up to the point of closing. I would highly recommend her services to anyone buying or selling a home on Cape Cod.

Mitchell and Jackie Gallinger

I began browsing on the web as many of us do when looking for a vacation home on the cape a few months ago. That is how I first met Tia; by stumbling across her website as I was doing my web search. What a lucky day that was for me. Tia is by far the best realtor I have ever worked with. She is organized, patient, knowledgeable and a pleasure to be around and to work with. I live out of the area and had a very short window between finding the home of my dreams and closing on the house, all during the Christmas Holiday. Tia worked miracles for me and was a true life saver. She went above and beyond what any of us would expect or what any of us have experienced in a realtor. She kept me calm, happy and focused through what should have been a very stressful process. Believe me that is no easy task! I cannot say enough good things about Tia. She is the absolute best!

Gabrielle Carruth
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