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It is amazing to think I have lived on Cape Cod for 40 years. I feel like a native, but according to local lore, I am technically a wash-a-shore. The earlier years of my adult life were spent owning and managing restaurants and yacht clubs. It is through these years in hospitality that I learned the value of listening carefully to a client, which made the transition to real estate natural – the same skills are required, but real estate isn’t perishable. It just keeps getting more valuable.

Having raised three children on the Cape, two of them have returned as adults to live and raise families here. With years of volunteering in local organizations and serving on three boards, I have a deep knowledge of Cape Cod and I have developed a vast social network – from artists, to tradespeople, to mechanics, to local attorneys. I can honestly say real estate is the MOST fun career I have ever enjoyed. Daily, I have the opportunity to meet very interesting people with diverse needs. Quickly, these clients become acquaintances and ultimately friends.

My free time is spent sailing, classes in yoga, pilates, evenings of book club with friends, art classes – and, of course, time spent with the grandkids is always guaranteed fun!

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  • 142 Transactions Since 2017
  • $61M+ Homes Sold Since 2017
  • 14+ Years of Experience
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A note from the broker

Did you notice the same last name? Yes, we are related. Karen is my mother, but when it comes to real estate she is a top performing REALTOR on Cape Cod. We are able to keep business separate from our mother/daughter relationship, and that has worked out better than I could have imagined.

While we have different styles and personalities, we have grown to respect our differences and learn from each other as we help our clients achieve their real estate goals. It is a dream come true to have her by my side helping to continually grow our great company.

– Tia Lilly Broker / Owner – Property Cape Cod

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