Have you thought about using your Cape Cod home for income?

Using your home as a vacation rental is a fantastic way to continue building equity while offsetting the cost of owning your Cape Cod vacation home. Perhaps your family is not using the home as much as you used to, and in the meantime it could be earning you an income, while you decide the future of the home. Using your Cape Cod home as a vacation rental can truly be the best of both worlds, one where you get the most income from your property, all while using it when you wish. 

With us, renting your vacation home doesn’t have to be a hassle, especially when working with a highly skilled local Cape Cod agency, like ours, that specializes in water property. We will make renting the property as uncomplicated as possible. We handle the repairs and maintenance, the marketing and the bookings for you. We are the point of contact with the guests. As the Cape Cod vacation rental market is always shifting, we keep up with current pricing trends for you. 

And when it’s time to sell, you’re not just listing another house: you’re selling an investment home with proven earning abilities, which can play a role in achieving a higher Selling Price. Plus you’ll have established a working relationship with an agency intimately familiar with your home and who can best represent your home to potential buyers.

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