Cape Cod Senior Real Estate. Is this really a specialty? Here at Property Cape Cod Real Estate, we emphatically say, “YES”!

We treat our senior clients with dignity, patience, and compassion with their Cape Cod home’s downsizing process. We don’t rush through explanations or the paperwork. We want to work not only with the client, but also with any family members that wish to be involved, while respecting the client’s wishes at the same time. Clients are our first priority and for us, promoting their best interests is paramount.

Instead of coming over for a listing presentation, we offer a free consultation to totally understand what the situation is and what it might require. Is everyone on board with selling the home? Does the senior client have an exit plan, i.e., where to go when the home is sold?

Additionally, our Cape Cod home downsizing service consultation will determine if adaptations in the home will make it possible for the client to age in place instead of moving.

Health care needs will also be discussed with our senior client. Should the client move to an independent or assisted living facility – or will hired caregivers, along with some adaptations to their home be sufficient?

We welcome the opportunity to guide your family through the complex issues and unique situations you may encounter during your Cape Cod home downsizing process.


We offer a complimentary, no obligation, professional evaluation of your property.